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Coco Coir - Single Pack

Coco Coir - Single Pack

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Coco Coir by OGO™ ensures you can stay on the go!

Coco Coir by OGO™ features our perfectly portioned medium in compostable bags, so you never have to worry about how much to add.

Ours has the correct balance that other mediums fall short on. We do not suggest using sawdust, animal bedding, or woodchips these products will turn clay-like in texture, making the agitator unable to spin and causing possible motor damage.

Because the coconut is a great fruit. We all know how delicious the flesh is and the water is nutritious with lots of potassium but also the outside husk is very beneficial. The fiber from the husk is called coconut coir, coconut pith or coco peat. It’s similar to but easier to use than sphagnum peat moss and it’s more sustainable too. If you are looking for more information, please visit our How-To Videos.

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