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Wall Outlet Power Adapter

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Effortless Power Conversion.

The Wall Outlet Power Adapter converts the OGO™ ORIGIN Compost Toilets system from a DC power to an AC power system. An adapter is required if planning to plug into a standard wall outlet. There is no possible way to test every power adapter available to see if it works with our system, but this one we guarantee for its quality and functionality.

Key Features:

  • Plug and Go: No direct wiring required. Simply plug into any standard U.S. wall outlet (110/120V).
  • Efficient Conversion: Converts the OGO™ ORIGIN Compost Toilet from DC power to AC power seamlessly.
  • High Power Rating: 10 Amp rating ensures adequate power for optimal performance.
  • Easy Connection: Connects directly from the power jack on the back of the toilet to your wall outlet.

This 12V power adapter is a great solution to power up your OGO™ ORIGIN. It connects from the power jack on the back of the toilet to any standard U.S. wall outlet (110/120V). It has a 10 Amp power rating to provide as much power as your solids bin may need.

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