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OGO™ Nomad - Now Shipping!

OGO™ Nomad - Now Shipping!

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It's a simple and modern design with a urine diverting bowl. The key to compost toilets is urine and solids separation. OGO™ Nomad funnels urine into a front bottle and allows a compostable bag to snap into back clips for a layering method compost toilet.

Key Features:

  • Simple as can be
  • Tiny, tiny, tiny
  • Urine odor trap 
  • Easy-change bag clip design

Included with an OGO™ Nomad Purchase:

  • OGO™ Nomad Toilet
  • 2 Compostable Bags
  • Coco Coir Single Pack
  • Spray Bottle 
  • Bottle Cap


  • 12.38" [31.4 cm] tall
  • 15.40" [39.1 cm] deep (front to back)
  • 13.00" [33.0 cm] wide (side to side)


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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference from the OGO™ Origin and the OGO™ Nomad?

OGO™ now has two available models of compost toilets the Nomad and the Origin. They both fit specific needs and have the differences catered for those needs.

The Origin is the original OGO™ Toilet. It has all the bells and whistles to make the best of the best compost toilet. The Origin is a 12V system with an automatic agitator, fan for moisture control, liquid level urine sensor, removable solids bin and a patented trap door system for proper urine collection. The Origin is ideal for long term use and as a comfortable, reliable every-day toilet system.

The OGO™ Nomad is the perfect stepping stone toilet. It is small and simple but affordable and ideal for the traveler that is just getting started into composting toilet systems. It offers an effective separation solution while taking an absolute minimal footprint. There is no electricity required and no trap door system but with proper use, the OGO™ Nomad will allow users to have an effective layering method compost toilet.

How often do you I have to empty the OGO™ Nomad?

The urine bottle holds about 1.2 gallons so this may fill up everyday or two.

The solids bag area should hold about 5-8 uses. This of course depends on how much medium, frequency, and volume of waste.

How do you prepare the OGO™ Nomad for use?

Remove the bowl assembly by pulling upward. Take a compostable bag (6-8 gallon bag) or any other type bag and snap it into the bag clips in the four corners. Pro Tip: roll over the top edge of the bag to thicken the seam and make sure there is a secure hold in the clips. It also helps from the bag ripping.

How much liquid does the urine bottle hold?

Current pre-production models measure out 1.2 gallons but we have some developments that should increase this.

Can I use saw dust?

Yes! Any medium would work fine in the OGO™ Nomad because it is just for layering overtop of use.

What is a layering method compost toilet?

In compost toilet worlds, the idea is to separate urine from solids waste. The most convenient way to use a compost toilet is to prepare the solids bin location with medium and then mix it after each use until it is full or too thick to mix. This is the OGO™ Origin works! Although less convenient, the layering method starts with a small amount of medium placed down and then after each solids use, you will have to sprinkle or layer more medium overtop of the waste. This means you will also have to have a bucket of medium nearby and scope so that you can cover the solids waste. If you do not cover the waste, you will have strong odors and smells coming from your unit.

Does the OGO™ Nomad need electricity?

No it does not. If you properly layer and empty the Nomad frequently, you should not need a fan or any other electric component.

Does the OGO™ Nomad need venting?

No you do not. The Nomad's size is built for frequent change overs so as long as it is used properly and cleaned frequently, you should not need any venting.

What are the dimensions / weight of the OGO™ Nomad?


  • 12.38" [31.4 cm] tall
  • 15.40" [39.1 cm] deep (front to back)
  • 13.00" [33.0 cm] wide (side to side)

Weight: Approximately 15 lbs

What medium type can I use for the OGO™ Nomad?

The OGO™ Nomad is a layering type compost toilet so you can use any medium type from coco coir and spaghnum peat moss to saw dust, dirt, sand, kitty litter and more.

How do I know when the urine bottle is full?

The urine bottle will be an opaque color and the liquid level will be able to be seen through the plastic. You will have to either look down the drain spout of the bowl or lift the bowl up to see the bottle.

Can I mount the OGO™ Nomad?

Sure! There are no mount holes directly into the plastic but with a drill and some proper screws, the Nomad could be mounted just about anywhere.

Can I put the OGO™ Nomad in a wet bath?

We are still doing our testing and waiting for our production models but it is likely the Nomad would work great for wet baths. If water still comes into the unit during showers, it would need some sort of cover placed over the top or simply removed during the shower.

When will I get my unit?

Not soon enough! We are working hard to bring this model to final production but we still have quite a bit of work. Our goal right now is to have our first ship dates on October 16th, 2023 but circumstances may push this back.

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