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Shell Vent

Shell Vent

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Shell Vents are for through-the-wall installation in structures such as cabins, homes, tiny houses, workshops, barns, RVs, vans, & many more. This vent has a slick profile to keep your structures looking good! It is made from a paint-able plastic that will hold up in all kinds of weather conditions.

The shell vent contains one of our nylon mesh filters inside of it and can easily be unscrewed to install the vent & clean the filter.

To learn how to best install the shell vent or other vents for your situation, please see check out this video.

Installation & Use

When installing the shell vent, make sure to have the open end facing downward preferably at a 45 degree angle inward toward the ground. This will keep airflow directed downward and not be overcome by the outside environment. In general, installation uses a 1-1/4” PVC pipe to fit through a wall and allow our hose adapters to fit snug for good ventilation.

For more information about venting visit our Resource center.

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