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Origin Drain Kit

Origin Drain Kit

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Goodbye Bottles

The OGO™ Drain Kit allows you to safely and effectively divert your urine, helping create a long-lasting system by eliminating urine bottle. This is perfect for many lifestyles; we see a large number of people in remote locations prefer to have an expensive septic system put in. Bypassing the urine bottle can be a helpful addition when multiple people are going to use the toilet as well. Check with your local municipalities to ensure proper measures are adhered to for filtration and diverting urine.

Is a Drain Kit Right for Me?

There are many different ways one can go about setting up a useable system, no matter the lifestyle. Some boaters may prefer this type of system versus a costly marine head system that require constant attention and constant maintenance, and some may not be required to have a holding tank and prefer the bottle. Either way a composting toilet in a boat is a great example of a traditional sanitation system not working out, but we live with it. Urine mixes with saltwater in the plumbing system and produces calcium scale that builds up in the lines, fixtures and holding tank. In addition to being a major odor problem, it is a major maintenance expense, costing hundreds to thousands of dollars to service and replace components. Since the OGO™ Origin Toilet does not use water to flush your lines can stay clean. You can increase space since it has a small profile and regardless of your choice to drain into a tank our use the provided bottle, a compost toilet is a small change that make a big impact.

Is it hard to install?

The OGO™ Drain kit is easy to install and uninstall, if you need to go back to a urine bottle. It is designed to use 3/4" PVC pipe (starter pieced included | may vary outside the US and Canada) that fit into plastic molded base and flange. The flange will go over your drain pan valve, creating a gravity chute for urine to flow down into the pipe, making this very easy to clean and customize to your specific needs.




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