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Charcoal Filter - Single Pack

Charcoal Filter - Single Pack

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OGO™ Charcoal Filter is forged of activated charcoal. It provides an added defense from any unwanted odors within small spaces.

*Note: We are still testing the effectiveness and longevity of our charcoal filters packs.*

Why should I have a Charcoal Filter?

It attracts and holds organic compounds inside it. The surface area of this internal pore network results in an extremely large surface area. The surface area can attract and hold volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Activated carbon attracts and hold VOCs from vapor and liquid streams cleaning them of unwanted compounds.

How long does it work?

That's a great question! In our testing so far, the charcoal filters have lasted about a month of normal use. We are highly interested in feedback of users to see if this lasts longer or not long enough so we can adjust the product to be most effective.

How do I install?

It is easy to install and replace! Our material packs come with 5 small circles of charcoal filter material. Steps are below:

  • Open the bowl
  • Lift-up the fan housing in the back corner
  • Push in all five of the charcoal filter circles into the top of the T-Bar
  • Install the fan housing back in by pressing it in
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