The OGO™ Composting Toilet - Best composting toilet on market
OGO™ Features
Side view of toilet
Top view of toilet with open lid
The OGO™ Composting Toilet - Best composting toilet on market
OGO™ Features
Side view of toilet
Top view of toilet with open lid

OGO™ Origin

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Meet the Solution.

A compost toilet solves waste by eliminating the problem. Separating the liquid waste from solids eliminates foul sewage odors. Our patented urine diversion system provides a safe and sustainable waste management system without the need of water or chemicals.

STANDARD: 18.375" x 16" x 15"
METRIC: 48,3 cm x 40,6 cm x 38,1 cm
Boats, RV's, Vans, Trailers, Truck Campers, Overlanders, Buses Shelters, Yurts, Cabins, Tiny Homes, and more.
Power Mixing
Agitation kicks the compost cycle in gear, allowing the waste to start breaking down.
More Features
Designed for your life this compost toilet makes it simple and easy to use.
We want to make sure

It works for You

Here are some basic things to consider before purchasing the OGO™ ORIGIN.

Why are People switching?

Compost toilets are easy to install and use. No more chemicals or black tanks to keep your bathroom odor-free. No more water wasted on flushing your toilet. No more dumping or pumping. It is as simple as taking out the trash.

Removable Solids Bin

It might not seem like a big deal, but after using compost toilets that require carrying out the entire unit for cleaning, it truly is. Simply remove the bin from the front or top of the unit and dump your mixture into a plastic bag. (We recommend a compost-friendly bag, so it breaks down with your waste.)

How to Discard Waste

Maximum Capacity

Separating urine and solid waste is the magic of composting toilets but the urine bottle will fill up fast. We designed our curved bottle to gain as much volume as possible. Our urine bottle can hold up to 2.4 gallons. We also have a urine level indicator will illuminate the side power button when the urine bottle is almost full.

How Does the Urine Sensor Work?

Convenient Comfort

Our unique design allows users to access every component from the front or top, so the unit can slide into cabinets, drawers, and other tight spaces without hindering its use.

The sleek and modern profile is comfortable to use. Simply pull the handle to open the trap door for solid waste and push the power button to "flush." The motor will run automatically for a 45-second cycle.
No hand cranking, bulky designs or uncomfortable seats.

(or other impractical practices...)

How Does The OGO™ ORIGIN Work?

More than a Toilet

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