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OGO™ Compost Toilet

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OGO™ Compost Toilet is a modern and sleek sanitation solution that gives you a solution without the need of water or septic tanks / sewage lines. We are one of the smallest composting toilets on the market and we set out to resolve the issues of our competitors.

The OGO™ works by diverting urine away from solids waste. We have an electric agitator that mixes solids waste with a medium such as coco coir and a fan that helps vent excess moisture and odor away from the toilet. 

Our urine bottle can hold up to 2.4 gallons and solids bin can last up to 25-30 uses depending on your situation. OGO‘s goal is to keep you off grid and make your life hassle free while providing an environmentally friendly solution.

OGO™ Works Great With

  • RVs
  • Vans
  • Pool Houses
  • Detached Garages
  • Boats
  • Tiny Houses
  • Skoolies
  • Cabins
  • Treehouses
  • Remote Private Islands








OGO™ is in competition for the best composting toilet on market! Not only does our size and design shine above the competition, but OGO™’s composting toilet solution was engineered for the best functional use possible. Whether you are boondocking for long periods of time or you have a detached garage with not drainage solutions, the OGO™ composting toilet would be a perfect fit for you.

It simple terms, the OGO™ Composting toilet works by diverting urine away from solids waste. We have a state of the art trap door system that keeps urine flowing in the right direction and stopping any smell. Yes, composting toilets have no smell! Our urine bottle and solids bin can be easily removed, emptied and cleaned. OGO™’s electric agitator “flushes” after every solids use with the push of a button and our urine sensor indicates when you need to empty the bottle.


How is OGO™ Composting Toilet better than Nature's Head?


OGO™ Product Features


OGO™ Composting Toilet fitting into a tight space that Nature's Head could not fit.

Sleek Design & Small Size

The OGO™ Composting Toilet is by far one of the smallest composting toilets on market. We are only 16″ side to side, 15″ front to back and 18.375″ tall. Our unique design allows users to have access to every component from the front or top so it can be slide into cabinets, drawers, and other tight spaces without hindering the use.

As far as toilets go, we like to think our design has the best appeal. It’s sleek lines and uniform curved box structure makes it look like it fits into your modern van build or even your newly renovated basement bathroom. We took close consideration to keep as many components recessed and in-line as possible.



OGO™ Composting Toilet's solids bin is much easier to empty than Nature's Head.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning, emptying, refilling. A toilet is not a chore that someone normal signs up to maintenance but the OGO™ Composting Toilet took major consideration in making this an easy function. Composting toilets will have a solids waste bin that is mixed with a medium such as coco coir or spaghnum peat moss.

If the composting toilet as an agitator, the waste should be mixed well and not smell at all. Without the agitator, you will have to use a second bucket of medium to layer overtop after each use. The OGO™ Composting Toilet made sure to include a high functioning stainless steel agitator.

Competitive composting toilets have large solids bin which do allow more time before having to empty; however, their entire toilet system has to be unhooked, removed from the bathroom, and emptied. The OGO™ Composting Toilet may have a smaller bin but we focused on making it a simple and easy process to remove bin (as shown to the right). Within seconds, you can dump the solids bin into a bag or compost pile (always check local regulations & laws).


The OGO™ Composting Toilet urine bottle is easy to empty with a urine sensor.

Urine Level Light Indicator & Max Capacity

Separating urine and solids waste is the magic of composting toilet but the urine bottle will fill up fast. With a couple using the OGO™ Composting Toilet, the urine bottle could need emptied every two days. This is why designed our curved bottle to gain as much volume as possible. The OGO™ urine bottle can hold up to 2.4 gallons which is just slightly more than some of our best competitors.

We also have a urine level indicator that will illuminate the side button red when the urine bottle is almost full. It will light up before 100% full which gives you plenty of time to pull the bottle and empty it. We provide a urine bottle cap in the bag so you can lift up, cap off, and walk to your dumping location without worrying about spilling.



Additional information

Weight 34 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 16 × 18.375 in
Build Type

Boat, Cabin, Other, RV, Skoolies, Tiny House, Van




External Venting


OGO™ is dedicated to providing education and product development for off-grid living. We are a small company based out of Ohio, USA, and strive to always lead with outstanding customer service and intuitive products. Our featured product, OGO™ Compost Toilet showcases our dedication to engineering quality products, which we will continue as we grow. Encompassing everything from prototypes to warehousing, we are able to have short lead times and scalability when needed. We are currently in over 20+ countries for product distribution, creating a very strong network of customers, builders, affiliates, and resellers.


6 reviews for OGO™ Compost Toilet

  1. David Jones (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking at all available composting heads for my sailboat. The OGO has clearly stood out as the most visually attractive option available, in my opinion. The size allows me to fit it into spaces that others do not permit while still providing a visually attractive product. As I learn to use it and see how well it serves my needs I will post again. But for now, I am very impressed with the way this product has been designed. One minor improvement I’d like to see would be a way to store the top to the urine container next to the bottle inside the unit. I’ll make my own but an off-the-shelf solution would be nice to see in future models. Very nice job OGO!

  2. Manon Desjardins (verified owner)

    I just received my OGO composting toilet and until now I am impressed by the design, the simplicity of usage. It is not yet installed in my RV but soon it will. I am especially grateful for the service I got when buying, The courtesy and friendliness as well as the fast and uncomplicated service even if purchasing the OGO from Canada! All was perfect and I will definitely share more once installed! Thank you OGO Team.

  3. Tanja & Hans-Peter (verified owner)

    Better to have a separate toilet!
    The patience to wait for the OGO has paid off in full for us. The Thetford chemical toilet has finally been replaced, as far as the OGO is concerned, the conversion was extremely easy: measure, stop, install, connect. The big “but” is only because we didn’t install a composting/separating toilet right away in 2015, but instead trusted in the old classic. Now we had to deal with the conversion as a receipt with more than eight holes from former screw connections in the shower walls, an unused hole in the floor and a useless, poorly insulated flap to the outside. So tip: go for a well thought-out, high-quality urine-diverting toilet like the OGO if you can design your motorhome cabin to a certain extent yourself or according to your own wishes. We have been using our OGO continuously for around two weeks and are extremely satisfied, the details are well thought out, the mechanics work, the technology works – everything is very simple, convenient and completely odorless, at most a pleasant smell of forest soil from the moist coconut substrate.

  4. Collin & Kendal Strachan (verified owner)

    We very intentionally waited 3 months to write this review, and we’re glad that we did! If you’re committed to installing a composting toilet but stuck with whether to choose OGO vs Nature’s head, this should help. I will address the positives as well as the negatives and what was necessary to overcome them here. The biggest value-adds of the OGO are the motor driven agitator and the really attractive, smaller form factor. The hardest part is the learning curve that is inherent to dealing with your own waste – no different than any other composting toilet or even your first bad experience at the dump station.

    To begin, installation was very easy. We had a Dometic macerating toilet in our 2018 Airstream Classic, which means we already had 12v wired to the toiler for the fan and motor in the OGO. Additionally, the macerating toilet drained out of the back into plumbing that was the same size as the vent tube for the OGO, so we’re able to vent into the black tank, which then vents through a pipe and out of the roof of the Airstream. If you choose to do the side vent offered as an option by OGO, be sure to put a very fine mesh over the vent outside your rig, as we have heard of others who had bugs come in the vent and do their thing in the solids bin. After setting up venting, we simply screwed the unit into the floor (it comes with 4 wood screws) and were good to go.

    One concern for us was a reduction of comfort, as the Dometic macerating toilet was porcelain and overall very nice. Both my wife and I agree that the OGO is very comfortable and we’re happy to have made the change.

    The solids bin is now in a place where it gives us no trouble whatsoever. We simply dump out the old mixture (choose your disposal method carefully and with respect for your environment) add 8 ounces of dry coco coir and a couple of cups of hot water (expands coir more effectively) to the bin around once per week. The used mixture comes out clean with very little smell and no trouble. Wear gloves if you like, but the process is very easy to do without coming into contact with any solids.

    Here’s what NOT TO DO: At first, we added FAR too much liquid to the solids bin. As we learned, the mixture is intended to be rather dry. If you add more than 3 cups of water to the appropriate amount of coir (we added 6) you will create “compost soup.” Use your imagination, then imagine it leaking around the agitator seal and onto the floor. Not pretty. We promptly got in touch with Kevin (the owner, who has graciously worked through us and always sent us same-day replies… He has our name on speed dial at this point) who notified us that the seal is intended to handle a dryer mixture, but cannot handle that volume of water. If you do your research, you’ll find some individuals in forums saying that the side-entering agitator in Nature’s head makes more sense for this reason. Perhaps, but if you get your mixture correct, you’ll never have a problem.

    The next adventure we had was that in adding too much water to our mixture, we over-stressed the gear box and caused a failure to the agitator. Kevin (ever the hero) mailed us a new gearbox promptly and shared how they’ve since increased the strength of their cogs to avoid this issue. No problems whatsoever. Again, we caused this failure due to improper use.

    Liquids: One of the really attractive features of the OGO is that liquid waste is diverted to a separate container that can be emptied without having to mess with solids. The first iteration of the OGO had a seal on the liquids bin that had to be kept perfectly in place to ensure that no liquids could slosh out if you forgot to empty before driving/if you live on a boat, but Kevin (if for no other reason, we recommend this product simply because it has an amazing team behind it) let us know that they moved to 3-D printing a new seal that filled the space entirely and required no adjustment. This problem is sorted on ours and your unit. Otherwise, no issue with liquids. We’re very active and drink a lot of water, so we empty this once per 24 hours – takes less than 2 minutes.

    Durability: We live in Alaska, so it’s not all smooth roads and easy going. All the components of the toilet have held up incredibly well so far, are easy to clean, and appear to have what it takes to last for years.

    For the price, you’re getting solid engineering, peace of mind, and a really easy solution. Kevin and his team are working to make the product the best it can be, and will definitely take care of you if you have feedback along the way. The motor driven agitator works excellently and we still laugh at the line every time we go past the dump station. Make sure you know how to properly prepare your compost and you’ll be good to go. Highly recommend!

  5. Patrick Cleveland (verified owner)

    I have not installed my OGO yet, BUT I wanted to say how great OGO’s customer service and shipping is. The OGO toilet was packed really well to protect the toilet from damage which could occur during shipping. I was really amazed to see how well they packaged it and how promptly I received their product. It shows that they are really proud of their product. It is really nice to deal with a company like OGO that offers quality customer experience!

  6. Olivier Boivin-Michaud (verified owner)


    After 5 months of use, I decided to leave my comments. I live on an island where water and septic toilet systems are impossible to install and I tried several models of toilets before starting with Ogo (Nature’s Head, Envirolet, etc.) I must admit, the OGO toilet is a marvel. Far better than all the others. Finally peace of mind. Service: Impeccable, at first I had doubts about the power of the fan for the evacuation of humidity and Kevin (owner), sent me a free adapter with a bigger fan for a test. 10/10. Some points to improve: 1. The height of the seat, it happens that the testicles touch the separator between the urine and solid part of the bowl. A little more height would solve the problem. 2. The liquid probe stays on for a while after emptying the tank (very sensitive). 3. The plastic material for the bowl should have a water-repellent coating that would allow the drops of urine to slide better into the reservoir. It would avoid using the vinegar spray to clean the seat (the Envirolet brand toilet had a good plastic that did that). Finally, the 3 points above are only to improve the product. The toilet is a “wonder”. We brought it directly in the pick-up for a weekend of wild camping and no smell, easy to transport… Definitely worth the investment. It’s a NO-Brainer.

    Après 5 mois d’utilisation, je me décide de laisser mes commentaires.

    J’habite sur un île où les systèmes de toilettes à eau et fosses septiques sont impossibles à installer et j’ai essayé plusieurs modèles de toilettes avant de me lancer avec Ogo (Nature’s Head, Envirolet, etc.)

    Je dois l’avouer, la toilette OGO est une merveille. De loin meilleure que toutes les autres.
    Enfin la paix d’esprit.

    Service : Impeccable, au début j’avais des doutes sur la puissance du ventilateur pour l’évacuation de l’humidité et Kevin (owner), ma envoyé gratuitement un adapteur avec un fan plus gros pour un test. 10/10.

    Quelques points à améliorer :

    1. La hauteur du siège, il arrive que les testicules touchent le séparateur entre la partie urine et solide du bol. Un peu plus de hauteur réglerait le problème.

    2. La sonde de liquide reste allumée quelques temps après avoir vider le réservoir (très sensible).

    3. Le matériel en plastique pour le bol devrait avoir un recouvrement hydrofuge qui permettrait aux gouttes d’urine de mieux glisser vers le réservoir. Ça éviterait d’utiliser le vaporisateur de vinaigre pour nettoyer le siège (la toilette de la marque Envirolet avait un bon plastique qui faisait cela).

    Pour terminer, les 3 points ci-dessus, sont seulement pour améliorer le produit.
    La toilette est une “merveille”.
    Nous l’avons amener directement dans le pick-up pour une fin de semaine de camping sauvage et aucune odeur, simple à transporter…
    Vaut réellement l’investissement.
    C’est un NO-Brainer.

Add a review
  • Can I install this in a wet bath?
    • Yes you can! Our toilet by itself is not waterproof but using a cover (like this one we made for it) will stop any water from coming into it. We also recommend installing on a small ledge or matt so that the toilet sits slightly above any pooled up water.
  • Can I drain this directly into my black tank or other drainage solution?
    • Yes! We have designed the toilet to have a direct pipe drainage solution. There is a small circle in the bottom plate that needs to be cut out and it is easiest to use a flange and coupling like our drain kit (linked here) to bypass the urine bottle. You will need additional plumbing to go from underneath the toilet to wherever your drain-off is. You can install our drain kit and still have the front drawer shut without cutting into anything! You can also easily remove the drain kit with four screws and put the bottle back in.
  • How do I vent it?
    • The OGO Toilet comes with a flexible 5 foot length hose with rubber hose ends. The hose ends will fit on 1-1/4″ PVC pipe OD. You can use this size PVC to plumb directly into an existing vent or use our shell vent (linked here) that fits directly to an 1-1/4″ PVC pipe.
    • Depending on the location and situation, you may not have to use an external vent at all! You could use a charcoal filter to pull an excess odor out and filter the air. We sell charcoal filter pucks (linked here) that can be placed directly into our T-Bar to keep everything compact and internal. Keep in mind that in high moisture environments, the charcoal filters may get stick and not work well. You may also need a High CFM fan (link coming soon) to push more air through the filters properly.
  • What medium can I use?
    • We highly recommend using a coco coir or spaghnum peat moss. The coco coir can be bought pre-measured here or in lots of locations online such as Amazon. Coco coir commonly comes in bricks and will need to be moistened outside of the OGO solids bin where our pre-measured packs will only need a little amount of water to dampen the medium. Spaghnum peat moss can be commonly found at local hardware stores or online as well.
  • Can I use saw dust?
    • No, we do not recommend using saw dust if you are going to use our agitator. Saw dust, kitty litter, and other compost mediums can be clay-like and not mix well. They will strain the motor too much and not allow proper mixing or aeration.
  • How much weight can it hold?
    • The OGO can hold 500+ pounds. It has large internal ribs that keep the strong and stiff structure. We definitely recommend to keep the drawer latches hooked shut to keep the drawer in and add support to the OGO.
  • How do you clean the toilet?
    • Like any toilet, cleaning is essential. We made every component accessible and for deep-dive cleans, you can always disassemble and reassembly. We often use Clorox wipes to wipe down surfaces and keep them clean but there are a ton of cleaning options including chemical free ones that will do the trick.
  • How do you empty it?
    • The urine bottle can be pulled from the front drawer and pulled out using the handle. It can also be pulled from the top but is a bit harder to install back in with the urine sensor and solids bin. Not impossible, but a little tough.
    • The solids bin can also be pulled out from the front with the drawer and bottle already pulled out. There is a small cog that engages with the motor so you’ll just need to pull up slightly and take it out from the front. It also can be removed from the top! Make sure to push back the bowl as far as it can and you’ll need to move the trap door slot a little bit to make some room.
  • What happens when I don’t have power?
    • A valid question! Our OGO Toilet can be used without power for a temporary time period. You’ll lose power to the fan that pushes air out but that’s okay, if all the urine is flowing forward and the solids waste is well covered, you shouldn’t have any smell.
    • That being said, you also won’t have power to agitate or mix the medium with solids waste which is okay. When this happens, we recommend using a “layering method” which means you’ll have to add medium overtop of your solids waste after each use to keep it covered. To us, it’s not the ideal function for compost toilets because it fills up quickly, inconveniences the user with medium addition, and can lead to a higher likelihood of odor.
    • Lastly, you’ll lose functionality of the urine level sensor so you’ll have to keep a close eye on the volume of the urine bottle. It is not an ideal to overflow you’re urine bottle!
  • Where do I empty the solids waste?
    • Unfortunately it changes depending on location so we always recommend you check with your local regions. In some locations, you can tie it off and throw it away or you can add it to humanure compost piles!
  • Where do I empty the urine waste?
    • Again, unfortunately it changes depending on locations so we always recommend you check with your local regions. In some locations, you can empty the urine bottle outside in remote locations while others strictly require it to go into proper drainage solutions such as dump stations or public toilets.
  • How big is the toilet?
    • The toilet is 16″ side to side, 15″ front to back and 18.375″ tall. It’s all tampered up so the bottom dimensions will be the largest at 16″ by 15″.
  • How close can I install to a wall?
    • In theory the back of the toilet can be installed directly against the back wall! We tampered the toilet and made sure everything could be removed from the front. Although an inch or two off the back wall will make it a little easier to over-throw the bowl and allow it to stand up on its own which can make emptying or cleaning easier.
  • Do you sell in Canada?
    • Yes we do! Our website will accept Canadian addresses and we will ship UPS; however, we do not always have control over the import taxes and duties.
    • We recommend to buy from our Canadian Amazon store (linked here) or reach out to our distributor The Cabin Depot (linked here).
  • Do you sell in Australia / New Zealand?
    • Yes! We unfortunately cannot ship directly to Australia or New Zealand but we have some great partners that should have stock and be able to supply you.
    • Australian Distributor: EnviroPro 
    • New Zealand Distributor: Toilets NZ
  • Do you sell in Europe?
    • Also Yes! Again, unfortunately we do not ship direct to Europe or surrounding regions but we do have a phenomenal distributor that will be able to help you with whatever you may need.
    • Europe & Surrounding Regions: ToMTuR