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Handheld Pump Pressure Sprayer

Handheld Pump Pressure Sprayer

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Makes cleaning so easy!

  • 0.86lb handheld pump sprayer designed for spraying plants, car cleaning & maintenance, pet bathing, and more indoor or outdoor cleaning solutions; Especially suitable for indoor use; plastic makes the bottom much stronger and sturdier.
  • From direct spray to fine mist spray, you just need to rotate the front of the nozzle to choose atomization, and water column status.
  • Two kinds of nozzles, optional extended nozzle, and short nozzle, easy to install and switch freely.
  • The spray bottle is made of upgraded PP thick material to improve durability; the extended straw can suck out more liquid at the bottom, focusing on capacity while reducing waste; the comfortable pump makes the pressurization faster and basically effortless.
  • Thicker bottom of sprayer significantly improves durability and stability, push switch and thicker stick.

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