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Urine Bottle Grey

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The bottle features a molded handle, and each unit comes with a bottle cap. Each bottle can hold 2.4 gallons of liquid before emptying.

Ships within 24 hours!



Our urine bottle fits inside the drawer of your OGO™ Compost Toilet! Designed to catch the urine that funnels through the upper part of the toilet, it helps keep your liquid and solid waste separate, so you don’t have to deal with any pesky smells. We’ve even drop tested it from 6 feet in the air, full of liquid, and it does not break. Made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), this bottle is very durable and made to last!

Easy to pour and easy to clean. For more information on using the urine bottle check out our Resource Center.

Let’s Talk … OGO™ Compost Toilet and Urine – OGO™ Resource Center (

How do I empty my OGO™ Compost Toilet Urine Bottle?

By unlocking the drawer hooks from both sides of your unit, you can pull out the bottle.

Nice feature for on-the-go situations. When full place the cap on the bottle to prevent unwanted splashing. Lift up and dump.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 5.5 × 11.5 in
Build Type

Boat, Cabin, Other, RV, Skoolies, Tiny House, Van


OGO™ is dedicated to providing education and product development for off-grid living. We are a small company based out of Ohio, USA, and strive to always lead with outstanding customer service and intuitive products. Our featured product, OGO™ Compost Toilet showcases our dedication to engineering quality products, which we will continue as we grow. Encompassing everything from prototypes to warehousing, we are able to have short lead times and scalability when needed. We are currently in over 20+ countries for product distribution, creating a very strong network of customers, builders, affiliates, and resellers.



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